Hi, I'm Bec.

I'm interested in how we use words to find our way—to self-awareness, presence, and connection with others.

Being human is an exquisitely messy experience. Neither life nor business can be reduced to simplistic definitions or formulas for success.

Awakened writing then is about using words and narrative with discernment and integrity, not to fabricate certainty but reveal mystery.

As we communicate with honesty, tenderness and generosity, we come closer to both mystery and understanding, to ourselves and each other.


What I do...

Awakened business writing recognises ourselves and the people we serve as whole, complex and creative beings, and seeks to enhance, not exploit, those relationships.

I can help you find that space of shared understanding between your vision and their needs. Work with me »

In my writing I'm currently exploring: creative tools and process, perception and mindset, meaning-making, illness and healing.

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